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The Italian Floral Riviera is part of the Italian coast. It stretches from the French border to Viareggio near Pisa. The Italian Riviera covers the coast of the Liguria region and a small part of the coast of Tuscany and is known for its tranquillity and beautiful nature. The Riviera is divided into four parts. From Ventimiglia to Albenga lies the Riviera dei Fiori (Flower Riviera). This part is known for its floriculture and green vegetation. Liguria is a region of Italy with four provinces; Genoa, Imperia, La Spezia and Savona. Camping Bella Vista is located in the province of Savona. In Albenga, one of the most important towns in the region. Liguria is one of Italy's greenest regions, with a coastline 250 kilometres long. The steep slopes are densely wooded and there are fields terraced where possible which gives the landscape a special character.

The vegetation is
a feast for the eyes

Due to the large differences in altitude in Liguria, the vegetation varies greatly. Mediterranean vegetation dominates the coastal area and typical mountain vegetation can be found in the higher areas. Palm trees and pine trees grow along the coast. Inland, the vegetation includes roses, geraniums, bougainvillea and orchids. The lower vegetation consists mainly of shrubs, including myrtle, broom, thyme, rosemary and lavender. Especially in spring, the vegetation is a feast for the eyes due to the numerous types of colour combinations and fresh greenery.

The pleasant climate
of the Italian Floral Riviera

The Italian Riviera has a pleasant climate all year round and above all, plenty of sunshine. There are mild winters with a temperature of around 10 degrees in January, with the exception of the mountain peaks where there is snow. Especially in spring and autumn, there are days with precipitation. In February, various flowers and trees begin to grow and bloom. The flowering season starts in May-June. Summer is sunny, but certainly not extreme. The average daily temperature is around 28 degrees, ideal for a wonderful camping holiday. It is a very pleasant temperature especially for young children.

Discover the beautiful surroundings
of Camping Bella Vista

Liguria is best known for its beaches and Mediterranean life. However, the region has so much more to offer than just a sun and beach holiday. The Flower Riviera proposes many opportunities to admire nature and has beautiful villages that are well worth a visit. Do you love nature and would you like to see more of the surroundings of Camping Bella Vista? Then join one of our excursions to special places in the area. Spend a day in the mountains by car or visit one of the many picturesque villages such as Alto with Capollini Counts Lago della Madonna castle, the seaside resort of Andora or Bergeggi on the slopes of Mount St Helena. Immerse yourself in bustling towns like Alassio, with its many bars and restaurants and great shopping opportunities. Visit historic Albenga or take the train to the port city of Genoa, the capital of the Liguria region, famous for its rich history.

Out and about
with the children

Aquapark Le Caravelle

For children, nothing is more fun than playing with water. Aquapark Le Caravelle is about 2 kilometres from Camping Bella Vista and is a fun day out on a hot summer’s day. There is plenty of water fun for all ages. The water park has a large wave pool, many different slides, a wild water course, several paddling pools, a wellness area and daily entertainment.

Genoa Aquarium

Take a day trip to the Aquarium of Genoa, along with several other attractions. The aquarium is home to 600 different species of marine animals, divided into 63 pools. There is a special section for children, where they can enjoy experimenting with science and technology. There are 11 themed islands with more than 90 play elements where children can have fun.

Dripstone caves of Toirano

15 minutes from the campsite are the Dripstone Caves of Toirano. In 1890, scholars discovered remains of tribes that once lived in the caves. There are a total of 50 caves located in the slope of a limestone massif. Toirano's stalactite caves are beautiful, mainly because of their unique rock formations. A guided tour takes about 1 hour. Ideal to visit with your children on a rainy day, for example.

Experience the captivating
beauty of Portofino

From Bella Vista campsite, one can explore the exquisite Portofino. Renowned for its breath-taking splendour and unspoiled allure. The village is encompassed by enchanting landscapes and crystalline waters. Truly a haven for nature enthusiasts.

Situated on the Ligurian coast, Portofino presents magnificent vistas of the Mediterranean Sea. The vibrant houses lining the shore create a picturesque backdrop to the graceful yachts moored in the harbour. Wander through the narrow lanes and uncover boutiques, artisanal shops, and charming cafés where one can savour a delectable Italian espresso. Seeking a touch of adventure? Embark on scenic hiking trails leading to awe-inspiring viewpoints such as Brown Castle and San Giorgio Church, which offer panoramic views. Additionally, beach enthusiasts will delight in the idyllic shores nestled within the village and its surroundings. Hence, Portofino caters to a wide range of interests.

Enjoy authentic
Ligurian cuisine

Italian cuisine is mostly known for pizza and spaghetti. Yet Italian cuisine consists of much more than that. Ligurian cuisine is based on local products, mainly fish on the coast and more meat inland. The many vegetable gardens, olive groves and herb gardens yield various products used in Ligurian cuisine. Typical for Liguria is her famous pesto. A delicious sauce consisting of freshly chopped basil, garlic, Parmesan cheese, Pecorino cheese, olive oil and crushed pine nuts. In summer, there are many basil fields around the campsite, exclusively planted for Genovese pesto.

Special excursions
to do from Camping Bella Vista

There is so much to see, discover and do in the Italian Floral Riviera that we cannot possibly show you everything here. Want an overview of the possibilities? Then feel free to drop by the reception. We are happy to help. Furthermore, we would like to mention a few special excursions.

Out and about in the beautiful Barolo wine region

About a 2 hour’s drive from Camping Bella Vista is the wine region of Barolo. Mainly known for its Barolo wine, one of the more exclusive and expensive wines. Ever since 1860, the wine’s nickname has been: 'Wine of kings and king of wines'. The grape from which the wine is made is the Nebbiolo grape. The area is beautiful to drive through or enjoy hiking. The rolling, hilly landscape is characterised by the many vineyards, which mainly turn all different shades of red and brown in autumn.

Visiting the Olive Museum

Imperia's Olive Museum is highly recommended for anyone interested in olives, the history of olives and foodies. The museum is located in one of the Mediterranean's most important oil-producing regions. Olive groves can be found throughout Italy and are mostly formed by terraces. The museum is located in a beautiful art nouveau building built in the 1920s, as headquarters for the Fratelli Carli. The museum houses the Carli family’s remarkable collection. In addition, it illustrates the historical relationship that describes the evolution of the olive tree and that of civilization over a period of 6000 years. Of course, the complex also has a shop where you can buy souvenirs and delicious olive oil and olive-based products.

Visit an Italian winemaker

The Sartori family's farm is located in an odd place in Albenga. Before you drive into the industrial area, you will find vineyards and a medieval tower on your right and an old tower called Torre Pernice. More than 40,000 vines such as Pigato, Vermentino and Rossese di Albenga can be found here in 9 separate vineyards, intended for production of grappa and high-quality wine. The La Torre Saracena restaurant is open from Thursday to Sunday. Or enjoy wine tasting at BioVio or Dell'Erba.

Enjoy the Italian Floral Riviera
from Camping Bella Vista!

Would you like the perfect place to stay and discover all the good things in Liguria? Then book your holiday at Camping Bella Vista now! Centrally located in the beautiful Italian Floral Riviera. You are most welcome. Benvenuti e a presto!